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Joyful Mindset

Building a joyful mindset takes effort and support! So here is where you will find FREE downloadable documents that will help you and those you love build a joyful mindset! Always reach out with questions or connections on social media or email! 


instagram- @_thejoybar_

facebook- @_thejoybarFB


Joyful Routines

This document is a routine log that provides space for 5 joyful routines to be tracked for one week! Each week you can print out a new log or re-download the file to keep track of your joyful routines!

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Journal Questions

Writing out your thoughts, dreams, and feelings will feel awkward at first. But it is a great way for you to have honest conversations with yourself about your joy journey. Download these 30 questions and answer them yourself! I find getting a cute notebook motivates me to actually spend time answering these questions, but honestly a piece of junk mail or even a receipt will do  the trick!

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